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UFC Champion Diet

    Diets are very important for athletes, especially in high performance sports such as martial arts. Conor McGregor, a UFC champion and wrestler assures that he must be very careful when eating, as his weight loss or gain can influence his performance as a fighter.

     Recently, Conor lost by a hair in the octagon and his trainer admitted that it was his diet that caused the fighter to lose weight, which affected him in his fight. However, McGregor has managed to recover from this and ensures that he has been eating well. Conor is on a diet of 1600 daily calories. For a person who does a lot of physical intense exercise, this seems little, however it has gone well with consuming this amount. Conor has a diet of 5 daily meals consisting of 27% meat and the remaining percentage divided between carbohydrates, grains, fruits, and other complements.

     His day begins with bananas, chocolate, and an orange, before eating three sweet potatoes as a mid-morning snack. At lunch, he varies menu with prawns, egg, and smoked salmon with a leek, parsley, and milk sauce with almonds, walnuts, and herbs. It does not sound so bad for only 1600 calories. Around 4 pm, the fighter can eat a simple protein bar, before eating a rib roast of Irish beef with carrot puree and caramelized sauce.

     Conor assures that he is always eating well; you will never see him consuming energy drinks. He always tries to maintain a healthy diet because otherwise, it could affect his weight and this could cause you more defeats in his career.

     Food is always important when playing sports. Sometimes athletes, including McGregor, have had to cut certain foods because they could affect their performance in a negative way. The goal of a diet is to maintain a balance between what you should eat and what you should not. For these fighters, it is important the amount of calories, however each body is different and do not always need the same amount of all the nutrients.

     Conor also uses vitamin and protein supplements that compensate for any lack of food or nutrition that may be in his body. Diets programmed for Conor have become a routine and have done very well with this type of food. Depending on how long between fights, he might cut a few things. You're not going to get Conor eating a lot of high-calorie foods. He only eats good, quality foods, likes to stay hydrated, and drinks a lot of coconut water.

     The Conor McGregor Supplements diet, as well as that of several MMA fighters, is based on foods that promote the rapid feeding of muscle fibers as they must be in constant recovery. Carbohydrates, proteins, essential fats, vitamins, and minerals are fundamental to the fighter. The quantities of each food can vary the state in which it is. If you have a fight, it is advisable to maintain a proper weight since if you suffer a loss of weight it could be disadvantaged and you could repeat what happened to Conor when he lost the fight.

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Powerlifting Magazine    Supplements    Articles    Websites