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Tony Conyers Powerlifter

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Tony Conyers is in a league of his own when it comes to breaking records, he has been called the strongest powerlifter that we have ever seen. Tony has been powerlifting for a long time and is probably the only powerlifter who has won every powerlifting title held in America.

Tony was the first powerlifter to ever make a total of over 2000lbs as a lightweight, which brought him many word records through the years. Tony has also broken records competing in two different weight divisions. This might not be so unusual, but for a man who has never taken an anabolic steroid in his life and he can prove it, it's very unusual.

There seems to be nothing stopping Tony as he is the current IPF masters champion holding the world record for his squat, his deadlift and his total score, which just seems to be getting higher and higher despite his age. Tony last broke the world record at the IPF masters at the age of 57.

What you probably did not know about Tony is that he is a minister and has been preaching the word of God since he became a Christian in 1996. Tony attributes his enormous strength to being able to harness the power of the Lord. He preaches that strength will only improve when it is done for the right reason.

This multi world record breaker continues to propagate the advantages of training without taking steroids and explains that the simple morality of taking steroids will always be wrong. He says that the only way to get better is to have a good reason for why you want to be better or stronger than you are now.

To give you an example of the type of man Tony is, we should report that when he competed in the Mike Witmer Memorial Florida State Championships in 2015, he set a total of 1640 pushing 10.5 times his own bodyweight. But he has lifted 12 times his bodyweight in his younger days. Tony is the only powerlifter who has been at the top of his chosen sport for 20 years.

During the Florida State Championships Tony not only offered to help spot fellow competitors, but spent the day loading weights and helped the judges in the competition. When the show was finished, in true form, Tony started cleaning up. The man's sense of honor and doing the right thing is obviously changing everything around him.

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