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Tee Skinny Man Meyers

tee skinny man meyers

Interview with Tee "Skinny Man" Meyers 60 year old powerlifter who recently set three American Powerlifting Records at the All American Powerlifting Championships in Atlanta, GA, hosted by the World Natural Powerlifting Feferation.

Meyers three deadlifts were 640, 680 and 700 lbs at a bodyweight of 195 lbs.

Meyers is the 23 time World Drug Free Deadlift/Powerlifting Champion and Record Holder.

Q. Tell us about yourself?

A. My name is Tee Skinny Man Meyers and I have been competing in powerlifting since 1981. I am 60 years old..and a lifetime drug-free powerlifter and record holder.

I have won the World Drug Free Powerlifting or Deadlift Title 23 times and have numerous world records. I mostly compete in the World Natural Powerlifting Federation but I have competed in USPF, NASA, APA, ADFPA, USPA, SPF, PPL....and a bunch of other alphabets....

Q. What got you started in power in lifting?

A. I was underweight....129 lbs @ 5'10".....so I started lifting weights while I was in the Air Force to gain weight. I entered a powerlifting meet at Clark Air Base, Phillipines. I've been hooked ever since. My worst lifts are 336 lb Squat, 265 lb bench and 415 lb deadlift @162 lbs.

Q. What are your best lifts?

A. My best lifts are 710 lb squat, 400 lb bench & 761 lbs deadlift @ 184 lbs (198 lb class -Over 50 year old) 745 lbs Deadlift @181 lbs & Over 50 years old....& 700 lb Deadlift (60 years old & 195 lbs).

Q. What gear do you use?

A. OLD......since I don't have a sponsor.....spending $300-$400 is not in my budget. What I have now....is a leather powerlifting belt that I bought for $40 in 1982 and I still compete in it. The best suit I had was the old Marathon Super Suit....but since I can't get those anymore.....I use a Metal Deadlift suit...I bought in 2009!!.....My wraps are from APT........I deadlift in wrestling shoes......and squat in work boots.

Q. What is your bench press routine like?

A. I bench one a week and usually use a 10-12 week cycle. Since I am an "ectomorph".....(very long, skinny arms)......the bench press is a challenge for me. I usually work up to about 92% of my projected max a week before I compete and use a forumula to calculate my attempts at the meet.

Q. Tell us about the basics of your squat and deadlift training?

A. T E C H N I Q U E......being a long skinny guy....I cannot "muscle up" lifts......so my technique must be on point. On both lifts.....my chest is out, shoulder width stance, I sit back on my heels and depend on the synergy of my hamstrings, hips, glutes and core to move the weight. No bending over....just act like I am a robot and come straight up.

Q. Tell us about your earlier days competing? How were they different than they are today?

A. Early days? Lol....at my first meet....I wore "rain golashes" for my deadlift shoes......I wrapped my knees with ace bandages and borrowed a suite that was too big.

Also back then you had two divisions.....Novice and Open....there were no drug-free meets.....so you had to go for it. Today....there are a lot more divisions......and some of the equipment used is incredible. It seemed to be a lot more fun in the old days....A bunch of us would load up in a van.....get to the meet......get a room....some of us took the box spring...some the mattress.....some had sleeping bags....and some the floor. We got up.....counted our change.....and went to eat......lifted all day....and drove home.....no radio on......just telling stories about what happened at the meet. In other words.....we belonged to the BPA. (B.roke P.owerlifters of A.merica).

Q. What has been the best moment so far in your powerlifting career?

A. My best deadlifts of 745 lbs @ 181.....the 761 lb Deadlift @ 184 lbs and at 51 years set/broke the all time greatest deadlift for the 198's over 50 years.....and now just two weeks ago.....pull 700 lbs @195 lbs and 60 years old (I think that's the greatest too!).....and I did them all DRUG FREE! I was also inducted to World Natural Powerlifting Federations "Hall of Fame".

Soooo...Take your pick....:)

Q. How do you see the future of powerlifting and what direction would you like to see it head in?

A. It is.....what is......I sure do miss the magazine......"Powerlifting USA".....which seemed to keep up connected a lot more. So many federations....and now too easy to become a champion.....I hope it does not go the way of boxing. I would like to see the Top 100 rankings again...but for .....Tested, Non-Tested and Masters.

Q. Anything else you would like to add?

A. Powerlifting is my sport and now I use it to connect to old friends (Grey Panthers), I use is as a form of ministry (I am a preacher), I use to interact with young and old. After 35 years of powerlifting, various injuries, being in magazines, tv shows, traveling, spending money, good and bad judging.....I would do it all again. Why? Because....."I am a Powerlifter 4 Life!"

Yes....I am a showman..and try to entertain the crowd. I try to make sure I don't offend anyone....but of course there are a few that don't like it.....but there are a lot that do. To me....it's about fun, fellowship and moving some iron. It's just that simple.

Thank you for this interview.....it has been an honor.

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