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Ted Arcidi Powerlifting Training

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Theodore ‘Ted’ Arcidi was born on June 16, 1958 in Buffalo, New York and was one of seven children born to a nurse mother and a doctor father and after high school decided to leave Tufts University dental school to pursue his career as a wrestler and powerlifter. He became very successful and was the first man in history to officially bench-press over 700 pounds.

Ted Arcidi officially became the strongest bench-presser that was recognized by both the APF and the USPF powerlifting bodies in Honolulu on March 3, 1985 at the Budweiser World Record Breakers in Honolulu. He pressed out 705.5 pounds trying to break the record.

He then went permanently into professional wrestling and the sport of powerlifting thought they would never see him again. But just over 5 years later he made a comeback bigger than anyone expected. He arrived weighing 291 pounds standing 5ft 11 inches and set a new world record for the bench-press.

At the APF Bench Press Invitational held in Keene, New Hampshire on September 30, 1990 Ted Arcidi pushed out 718.1 lbs on the bench-press to everyone’s complete astonishment. He had not competed as a powerlifter for 5 years which made the new world powerlifting record even more amazing.

Ted Arcidi’s bench press magic has nothing to do with luck as the workout routine below will show you. This man knew how to push hard and the 12 week cycle that the routine below works is a perfect example of the hard work that it took to be able to bench-press 700 pounds.

Ted Arcidi’s Bench Press Routine in a 12 week cycle listed below is part of a three day split routine where his upper body workouts are listed specifically to improve his bench-press performance at an upcoming meet.

Days 1-3: 3*6
Days 4-6: 3*5
Days 7-9: 3*3
Days 10-11: mix up the 3 and 2 reps workouts
Week 12: meet day

The Bench Press 5 reps of 405 and 3 reps of 420
Behind-Neck Press 5 reps of 206 and 3 reps of 300
Lying Triceps Extension to the nose 6 reps of 340 and 2 reps of 350
Standing Bicep Curls 6 reps of 160 and 3 reps of 195
Lat Pull-downs 10 reps with 240 and then sets of 4 and 3 reps

The Bench Press follow 12-week cycle
Behind-the-Neck Press 6 reps with 225 and 3 reps with 250
Lying Triceps Extension to the nose 6 reps of 340 and 2 reps with 350
Standing Bicep Curls 6 reps with 160 and 3 reps with 195
Lat Pull-downs 4 reps with 102 and 3 reps with 240

Squats using the same selection sets and reps for the day as above
Deadlifts the same selection sets and reps for the day as above
Behind-the-neck Press 2*3 reps with 335 and 2 reps with 365

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