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Rickey Dale Crain Powerlifting

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Rickey Dale Crain was born in Phoenix Arizona USA on February 18, 1953 and was a natural strength athlete since he was just 10 years old when he could deadlift three times his bodyweight without a problem. From there he just got stronger and squatting with 200 pounds by the time he was 13 and then squatting over 400 pounds when he was just 17 years old.

There was just no stopping this fast growing strength athlete who by the time he was 23 in 1976 competed for the first time and became the very first middleweight in history to squat with an incredible 700 pounds weighing only 165 lbs. Rickey continued to compete for another 35 years and won 10 different National championships.

But that is not all he won as he also won 4 World championships and broke over 100 different International World records in the process. With a bodyweight of 165 pounds he was in a class of his own doing 800 pound squat and bench-pressing with 440 and doing a 716 pound deadlift. When he was at his peak he was asked by a reporter if he had any advice for aspiring powerlifters.

His answer was simply “squat” which says it all because we all know that by squatting we get the fastest growth in core strength. Rickey started his successful business called Crain's Muscle World, Ltd over 20 years ago which has been supplying powerlifters, strength athletes and bodybuilders with anything from supplements to lifting equipment.

At 61 years old Rickey is still training and still working his business and is a good example of what a life of strength and fitness will offer. He continues to inspire his many fans across the world and still managers to publish articles on a regular basis which can be seen on his website.

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