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Raw Powerlifting

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Raw Powerlifting Training Methods

There is no secret on the RAW powerlifting methods because raw powerlifting is exactly that, it is raw, there are no other movements added which do not improve the strength of the three basic compound movements seen at every meet. For example a RAW powerlifter will not bother with lat. Pulldowns or cable rowing as it will not increase his bench-press or squat or deadlift.

The argument that strengthening the lats will increase the weight you can deadlift is without proof. There are no case studies done that prove strong lats will increase the deadlift weight. The lats are used in the deadlift but they are certainly not the primary movers.

If a raw powerlifter wants to improve the weight he/she will do deadlifts or they will do leg curls and lunges or stiff legged deadlift and split squats. Raw powerlifting is the manipulation of specificity, overload and fatigue management by using frequency volume and intensity correctly.

A raw powerlifter will train to improve the weight he/she can lift, every training session is dedicated to stressing the muscles to the point where they will be able to lift/push a heavier weight the next time. If the correct rest and recuperation time is adhered to the body will be able to improve with every workout.

When a raw powerlifter is training it will more often than not be something like the 5 X 5 method or the 5/3/1 method. There are certainly some creative workout routines out there for raw powerlifters like The Juggernaut Method or the Cube Method.

Whatever method is used, the definition of raw powerlifting means that the whole workout is to improve the weight lifted in the Big Three compound movements seen at every powerlifting meet. The squat, the bench-press and the deadlift make up the three compound movements done at every powerlifting meeting.

Although nutrition is not usually part of any powerlifters concern the good raw powerlifters that break records are very concerned with what they eat and drink. Good nutrition is part of the recuperation phase for any powerlifter, to make any hard work done on the gym floor reap rewards, good nutritional sense needs to be constantly applied.

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