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Powerlifting Wrist Wraps

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How to use wrist wraps for powerlifting?

The issue of writs straps and using them in bodybuilding is and always has been a very controversial issue but here we are talking about powerlifting which is all about lifting the heaviest weight that you can lift. The use of wrist straps is something that all powerlifters use when training.

Wrist straps are long strips of cloth such as nylon or cotton with loops on one end and always come in pairs. You can also find leather or suede wrist straps which are often more comfortable on the wrists. Power lifters use the straps on exercises such as deadlifts and shrugs where they need to use heavier weights than their grip can accommodate.

Wrist straps are used by powerlifters in order to supplement your grip by tying the weight to your wrist. In the event that your grip fails, the straps will hold the weight, preventing it from falling on the floor or your foot. It should be noted that this is only during training and is not permitted during a competition.

Below are the few steps that are necessary in order to use the straps. It should be noted that the use of straps may take a bit of getting used to when you first start but after training with them for a few weeks you will see the advantage of using these straps.

Step 1
Thread the end of each strap through the loop to form a circle.
Step 2
Put one circle around each wrist. Hold your hands palm up and let the straps fall between your thumb and index finger.
Step 3
Tighten the straps around each wrist. The strap should be snug but not overly tight.
Step 4
Put your less coordinated hand on the bar in an overhand grip. Let the strap hang down between you and the bar.
Step 5
Pull the strap under the bar and up so that you are wrapping the bar underhand. Leave enough play in the strap so that you can reach and wrap your other hand.
Step 6
Wrap your dominant hand using steps three and four above. Once you have wrapped your other hand, rotate the bar toward you to tighten the straps.
Step 7
Perform your deadlifts, shrugs or other lifts as you normally would.

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