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Powerlifting vs Weightlifting

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What is the difference between powerlifting and weightlifting?

There is a very big difference between powerlifting and weight-lifting but to put it in a nutshell weight-lifting is explosive strength and powerlifting is maximal strength. But that does not explain the difference so below are the basic differences between these two sports.

With Olympic weight-lifting, it is more a matter of technique, whereas with Powerlifting it is more of a mastery of the weight for the maximum amount of weight that can be lifted in one lift. However there are a few differences in the rules that govern these two sports.

Powerlifters do not lift anything over their heads and that the sport consists of three disciplines, Bench, Squat and Deadlift. In each event the athlete attempts to maximize their power by lifting the weights in the proper form. The weights lifted for these three movements are added together for a total.

In the Olympic sport of weight lifting, the athlete attempts to press the weight over their head and that there are only two disciplines, the snatch and the clean and jerk. One is a single motion lift while the other is a lift to a spot and then use your legs to drive it over your head.

It should also be noted that in Olympic weight-lifting there are very specific standards for the lifts which remain constant from venue to venue and there are not 50 different sanctioning bodies, each with their own "interpretation" of the rules.

In powerlifting there are also some very specific rules when the judging of a well-executed lift is seen by the judges. There are various minimum requirements which are required for it to be passed as an official lift that is recognized by the organization concerned.

For example a competitorís lift would not be recognized or permitted by the judges if any of the following rules were broken during an official meet. Below are the rules that will cause a lifter to be disqualified.

1. Raising your butt

2. Uneven lockout

3. Dipping of the bar

4. Heaving of the bar

5. Moving your feet

6. Beating the Press Command

7. Beating the Rack Command

8. Pronounced uneven extension during the Lift

9. Rules about head movement

10. Placement of the bar on your chest

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