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Is it too late for me to go to powerlifting?

The answer to this question is a definite no and there is now conclusive proof that has been furnished by many studies that have been done over the years proving the benefits of progressive resistance training. The proof goes even a step farther by showing the enormous benefit that can be given even to disabled powerlifters.

There have been very successful stories over the years about the benefits of lifting weights and powerlifting as well as competing as a bodybuilder. Probably the best example of this is Chris Dickenson who won Mr. Olympia at the age of 42.

But there are many other examples and without a doubt the best powerlifting example must come from the current world record holder in powerlifting in his age category. Bruce Park got a new lease on life when he started powerlifting four years ago. He is now a world champion and world record holder.

Bruce Park who is currently 75 years old and is a farmer in South Otago won the over-70 title in the 66kg class at the world masters powerlifting championships in Killeen, Texas, recently. His scores were: squat 130kg, bench press 85kg, deadlift 185kg, total 400kg. The deadlift was a world record.

With the lack of press coverage on powerlifting generally it is still a slow growing sport but the benefits are obvious and the knowledge is spreading fast. As the longevity of people generally all over the world increases there is no doubt that the benefits of powerlifting will continue to spread.

Sports science has well proven evidence that your skeletal and muscular strength starts to diminish as you get older. After the age of 30 you are getting weaker every day if you do not do any resistance training, but the point is that doing any resistance at any age will benefit you.

Your body is built to respond to stress because that is how you have survived so far no matter what you age is. So your immune system, your muscular system and your skeletal system will always respond to any regular regular resistance training that you do no matter what your age is.

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