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Powerlifting Nutrition Tips

Over the years powerlifting has got a bad rap when it comes to correct nutrition, with far too many powerlifters thinking that getting stronger is all about shoving calories down their throat and nothing else. If we look at the way bodybuilders organize their carbs, protein and fat mix split of 4 to 6 meals a day, we can certainly learn something from them.

Health and strength are all about a positive Ph balance in our bodies and simple tried and tested habits of a good bodybuilding diet of plenty of vegetables is key. It is very possible to increase strength without increasing your waistline, it just needs a bit of planning ahead.

It does not have to be complicated and can be simple little additions like adding more color to your diet. Vitally important food like peppers, Brussel sprouts, leafy greens or broccoli offer you the most valuable micronutrients. Nutrients like chlorophyll and anthoxanthins or carotenoids like lycopene can mean a major difference to your general health and your overall strength.

Adding more color to the food you eat is only part of the solution as you need to also stop sitting down to one large meal that causes your stomach to bloat, as any abdominal distension will put a strain on the internal strength that you can muster when you need it most.

Research tells us that large meals will put down more fat in your body than eating exactly the same amount of calories over two or three meals while depositing less than half the fat. The simple answer is to not skip meals and land up eating one huge meal, you are only adding unrequired fat.

If you are training on a regular basis and you skip meals the resulting hypoglycemia only gets you into trouble by drastically lowering your metabolism and reducing any potential performance you might be psyching yourself up for. Training with low blood sugar will only make you weaker not stronger.

STAY AWAY FROM SODA, as any soda you consume will have more empty calories in it than any other food you can think of. Any 2 liter soda will have over 100 spoons of sugar that will only get you wanting more as your pancreas producers more insulin trying to cope with the sugar onslaught, that just makes you take in more sugar.

If your objective is to get stronger you need all the help you can get and eating whatever and whenever you want will not get you the results you seek. Your body needs restoration and recovery from protein synthesis, the production of hormones, anabolism, endurance and an increased metabolic rate to cope with the demands of increasing strength.

Stay away from caffeine and ONLY use it when you need it before training. Having two or four cups of day of coffee is counterproductive and only gets you weaker doing nothing for your objective of increasing strength. If you follow these tips you will see a dramatic increase in your strength over time.

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