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How to Get Motivated for Powerlifting

One of the funniest stories from bodybuilding's past is the prank that Arnold Schwarzenegger tells in Pumping Iron about the guy he advices to scream at the judges. Arnold noted they carted the guy off the stage you just don't do that in bodybuilding. Powerlifting, however, is another story. In powerlifting, screaming and yelling and more is part of the process. It is the part of building up strong motivation to push that weight successfully to full extension.

Powerlifters use any tool they can to motivate themselves to a heavier weight load. Interestingly, powerlifting is as much mental as it is physical. Watch a powerlifting meet and see how the lifters psych themselves up for the heavy loads. They scream, they concentrate, they do whatever it takes to lock out a successful repetition.

The mental preparation prior to a heavy lift is intense also and may start long before the meet or the training session begins. Powerlifters are masters of motivation and mental preparation and you can learn a lot from their dynamic approach to integrating motivation and the mind into making the muscle move the metal.

Since a powerlifter uses a lower repetition range, they can focus all of their energy on the brief blast upward. You can try this the next time you want to move some heavy weight. Start visualizing yourself moving the weight up and successfully lifting it. Get intense as you approach the bar no negative thoughts. And then blast away with everything you have.

Over time you will learn how to channel intensity and a laser-sharp focus on your lifting and in turn start to lift some heavier amounts.

Note: To release the full power of your mind read the book Dianetics by L. Ron Hubbard.

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