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Powerlifting Hypertrophy Training

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Powerlifting Workouts for Muscle Mass

Bodybuilders are the guys known for their hypertrophy – the big muscle is what it is all about for the bodybuilding world.

The powerlifter is not aiming at huge muscles but rather how much he can lift. There is a big difference between the two but that doesn’t mean that powerlifters are small, because they are not.

Powerlifters aim at a lifting scheme for building up strength, with a lower repetition range. There is naturally some size growth from any type of weight work so some size gains do occur.

And powerlifters also do some supporting exercise work that creates hypertrophy for their muscles. And some even have a specific hypertrophy phase where they lift higher rep ranges to boost hypertrophy.

Lately powerlifters have added another element to their training package that is making them bigger and stronger than ever – explosive movement. And it is working. Moving the weights fast in the training session is leading to growth that is bringing about all types of new records. And along with that explosive training comes more growth not only in power and strength but also in size.

If you have noticed, some of the upper weight powerlifters are literally huge. In fact some are as big or bigger than bodybuilders. They may not have the super low body fat range of a bodybuilder, but their girth is more impressive and they are stronger.

So powerlifting can produce good hypertrophy in the muscles across the board.

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