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Powerlifting for Beginners

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Guide to Powerlifting for Beginners

Powerlifting should never get confused with Olympic weight-lifting as they are completely different although sometimes people who are not involved in the sport get confused between these two very different disciplines. Powerlifting is the squat, deadlift and bench-press.

As a beginner who is starting out powerlifting for the first time the more you read about the sport the better prepared you will be. However it is not advisable to jump in the deep end and start copying the routines you see in books like Westside Barbell or Metal Militia.

Your form when doing the big four compound lifts is vitally important and without a doubt the most important aspect when learning to powerlift correctly. This could present a problem when starting out with rather complex powerlifting routines like Westside which have partial and dynamic lifts etc.

The 5 X 5 method is probably the best way for a beginner to start powerlifting. It takes you on a learning curve about your strength, how to manipulate it and how to get stronger without sacrificing form. Be warned that loading up the weight when you are still learning correct form can be extremely dangerous.

If you start loading the weight before you have the form down, the chances of you landing up with a permanent injury like rotator cuff or tendonitis are extremely high. Powerlifting is a learning curve and you will not learn everything you need to in the first few months, it takes years to know what you are really capable of.

Increasing the weight slowly each week can only come when you are doing exactly the same movement as you have been doing, that means the form/technique of doing the basic compound movements is prefect. The most important aspect for any beginner is learning correct form.

It is strongly recommended that you get someone who knows what they are doing to take a look when you squat, deadlift and bench-press. There is always room for improvement but starting out you need to get it down as soon as possible.

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