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Powerlifting Federations

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List of Powerlifting Federations

Over the last 30 years powerlifting organizations have proliferated all over the world with the increased popularity of this sport. Unlike bodybuilding which has essentially been limited to the IFBB (International federation of bodybuilders) and WABBA (world amateur bodybuilding association) powerlifting has splintered into many different bodies.

It should be noted that some powerlifting organizations permit aids and allow other lifts like the SQ bar, which is a specialty lifting bar or a hydraulic squat rack during the competition. Some allow heads up during the squat and some do not. Some permit knee wraps and others do not, just like thumb-less grip or not, the same with using a specialty deadlift bar or doing a reverse-grip bench-press, and some organizations listed below do automatic steroid testing for all competitors and some do not.

The GPA: Global Powerlifting Alliance

GPC: Global Powerlifting Committee

The IPF: International Powerlifting Federation

The IPL: International Powerlifting League

The IPO: International Powerlifting Organization

The WDFPF: World Drug Free Powerlifting Federation

The WPA: World Powerlifting Association

The WPC: World Powerlifting Congress

The WPF: World Powerlifting Federation

The WUAP: World United Amateur Powerlifting

USA Powerlifting Federations, some of which are affiliated to other internationally recognized bodies as you will see from the list below.

The 100% Raw: 100% Raw Powerlifting Federation

The AAU: Amateur Athletic Union

The ADFPF: American Drug-Free Powerlifting Federation (WDFPF Affiliate)

The APA: American Powerlifting Association (WPA Affiliate)

The APC: American Powerlifting Committee (IPO/GPA Affiliate)

The APF: American Powerlifting Federation (WPC Affiliate)

The Hardcore: Hardcore Powerlifting

The IBP: Iron Boy Powerlifting

The IPA: International Powerlifting Association

The NASA: Natural Athlete Strength Association

The Raw Unity: Raw Unity Meet

The RPS: Revolution Powerlifting Syndicate

The SSA: Syndicated Strength Alliance

The SPF: Southern Powerlifting Federation

The UPA: United Powerlifting Association

The USAPL: United States of America Powerlifting (IPF Affiliate)

The USPA: United States Powerlifting Association (IPL Affiliate)

The USPF: United States Powerlifting Federation (WPF Affiliate)

The WNPF: World Natural Powerlifting Federation

XPC: Xtreme Powerlifting Coalition

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