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What Equipment Do You Need for Powerlifting

It must be assumed that if you are looking for powerlifting equipment it is because you want to train in your garage or home gym somewhere. One can start off slowly and build it up over time but the basics are needed to start training as a powerlifter such as a squat rack, power-rack or some support that will hold a barbell.

If you have an unlimited budget it would be easy to buy a Smith machine and the latest adjustable power-rack, but the top dollar for this fancy equipment could be well over $10 000. If we think of the basic requirements needed to start powerlifting at home it could be a lot less than that.

For example if you have a friend that can weld a simple squat rack would take you a few hours of welding to put together a basic squat rack. A simple steel frame with welded rungs to support a loaded barbell at the right level for you. A chinning bar on the door-frame or ceiling, some serious weights and a few mats to protect your garage floor.

As you know there is a big difference between powerlifting and Olympic weight lifting as powerlifters only concentrate on the big three and not the big four basic compound movements. Squats and bench-press can be done on your new squat-rack your welder friend built for you, with deadlift done on your cement floor this is all you need to get started.

Getting fancy will be costly and this applies to your training apparel as well because if you are starting out you are not going to need a bench-press vest or a squat suit. You are going to need a good weight belt and maybe some gloves but the major part of your budget should go to weights and barbells.

It is always a good idea to include a stationary bike if you can afford it to help you warm up before you start hitting the weights, but if you do not have this luxury some power-walking or jogging or some yoga before your workout will work perfectly well.

Powerlifting is all about improving your 1RM so you need to get some serious weight in order to get to a point in all your workouts that you can only lift the weight for one rep. Developing your own optimal strength training method is going to take some experimenting and research to see what type of system works best for you.

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