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What is the biggest powerlifting competition?

The answer to that question is very difficult to answer because theses competitions which are called meets are going on every day throughout the world from the Far East and Russia to the smallest state in the USA. In fact the listing of the meets that was done in the USA alone is well over 100.

The competition that you get at your local meet is where you need to start as a competitive powerlifter and only when you have experienced a few meets and seen exactly what you are in for can you start to seriously look at attending other meets that are going on.

In fact it is strongly recommended that you attend a meet just as an audience before you even enter and start competing as you will then know exactly what goes on. How the program works with regards to making a second or third attempt at a lift etc.

There is no doubt that the sport of powerlifting s growing and you just have to see the long lists of meets that are happening all over the country to realize this. Countries like the UK and Australia also have a growing population of powerlifters and they have the same procedure in going from local to national sporting meets.

It all starts with you competing at your local level which is usually just a few gyms competing against each other. After that it leads to a provincial or even a state championship which is the list of meets that are mentioned above. Once the nations have been completed then the winners of those national events meet up to see who is the best in the country.

This is what happens all over the world so you can be sure that by the time you are representing your country at the Olympic games or a competition meet like the AAU World Powerlifting & International Single Lift Meet you are the best that there is. There is a big difference between the normal IPF or WPO meet and a bench-press competition or something similar like that Max Weight in a single movement and many more. Organizations like the AAU, APA, APF and many others are strictly controlled with very specific rules.

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