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Powerlifting Workouts with Chains

There is a lot one needs to learn when it comes to powerlifting, whether the aspects that you need to learn include the Conjugate method, training with bands, the importance of learning multiple systems that you can add to your routine, it can only come with application so that you can try these and see what works for you.

Training with chains is a good example as when you start to do deadlifts, bench-presses and squats with chains you will make a radical difference to your explosive power. Working with chains is to improve accelerating quickly, increasing the explosive speed of the movement will help a great deal.

The principal of using chains is to effectively lighten the weight when it comes close to your body and make the weight heavier the farther away you get from your body. When chains are hanging down from the bench-press the chains stack in a pile on the floor when the barbell is on your chest.

As you push the weight upwards in the normal bench-pressing movement the chains get heavier the closer to lockout you get. This directly affects your explosive ability to power into the movement. With practice your explosive strength can directly affect the weight you lift.

If you use Westside Chains they are 45lbs each, which will be a total of 90lbs extra weight when you lockout. This means that when you are halfway to the top of the bench-press you will be pushing an extra 45 pounds than you normally would and pushing 90 pounds extra at the top of the movement on lockout.

The nice part of using chains is that you will stop the sticking points that you might be having with your bench-press or deadlift, or even the squat. Chains can be used very effectively for all three movements to ensure that you increase your explosive speed when going into the movement.

The advantage of training with chains is that it will finally put a stop to any and all sticking points that you might be dealing with on your lifts. Chains also help a lot when dealing with lockout sticking points. For example you could do hanging Chain Presses. Instead of hanging chains off the floor you could hook them on the top of the rack.

This means you now have to pull the loaded weight down to you as the chains could actually hold the whole weight up. When you start pulling the weight down towards the chains the weight will explode off your chest which will help your strength, your ability to focus on this sticking point and including your lockout power.

Since the fitness explosion started in the 1980ís there have been countless studies done on muscle and strength gains. These many different studies have now conclusively shown us that isokinetics (maximum force or speed in a movement) producers a greater contraction than isometric contractions (conventional training). Research shows us that lifters who use isokinetics (chains) are generally stronger than those lifters who don't use them.

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