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What are the Best Powerlifting Training Books

There are good powerlifting books and bad powerlifting books that do not cover all the different options when selecting different movements to improve core strength. Rated in the top three of the powerlifting books available must be Powerlifting 1st Edition by Dan Austin and Bryan Mann.

This book is without a doubt the definitive guide to powerlifting. It includes the various powerlifting techniques, how to create an effective training routine/schedule and everything you need to know about competitive powerlifting.

Up in the top three powerlifting books must also be The Max Effort Manual written by the well-known Jim Wendler. This book gets specific explaining exactly what is needed to succeed at powerlifting. The book is packed with user friendly advice on form and technique as well as an in depth study on creating a training routine that works for you.

If you are a coach interested in powerlifting then something that you simply cannot do without is the very well-known powerlifting book written by Louie Simmons called Westside Barbell Book of Methods. Just like the great powerlifting book Metal Militia the Westside book will open your eyes to the possibilities when powerlifting.

The advantage of getting a book like this is that you will be able to read in detail about all the many sports that can benefit from powerlifting. It also includes a coach's certification course and is also available in a digital format that you can download directly from the Westside Barbell website.

If you are a coach thinking of adding powerlifting in order to improve results, another new edition of the well-known EliteFTS.com Inc book is now available as a digital download. Although this book mainly covers equipment needed for competitive powerlifting it also includes techniques and some explanation on powerlifting and creating a good training routine.

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