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Powerlifting Band Workouts

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Resistance band workout for powerlifting.

Powerlifting bands provide a super training tool and a great way to give the muscles a challenge they may not have faced before.

Powerlifting bands are also known as heavy duty resistance bands The use of these bands really elevates the tension on the muscles and tendons. The concept that powerlifting bands brings to the table is called "accommodating resistance", which adds another dimension beyond simply lifting a weight up against gravitational pull.

Powerlifting bands ensure that the muscles stay under strong tension at all times and get the maximum tension at the top of the movement. Sometimes guys let the bar sit at the top for a very slight rest but the tension or powerlifting bands takes this cheating effort away.

The power bands can be used on major movements such as the squat, bench press, curl, deadlift, rowing, and more. As you move the weight with the band attached, the lift becomes progressively more difficult (the further the band gets stretched, the harder it becomes to move it).

For the use of the powerbands, you attach one end of the band to your weight (on both ends, to balance the load) and attach the other ends to heavy dumbbells or other stationary, heavy points on the floor. From here you perform your lift. Start off with a fairly light load on your weights to become accustomed to the strange feeling that this new type of resistance puts on your body.

You can make an entire workout center on powerband training or simply dedicate one exercise per muscle group to the powerband action. If you mix in regular and powerband styles, try pumping the powerband movements out at the end of the session for a tremendous stimulation of the muscles.

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