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Matt Kroczaleski Workout and Diet

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Janae Matthew Raymond Kroczaleski was born in Grand Ledge, Michigan USA on December 8, 1972. In 2009 Matt, nicknamed Kroc, set the world record maxing out with a total of 2,551lbs in his weight-class of 220lbs. He did a 738lb bench-press, and 810lb deadlift, plus a 1003lb back squat, just like Lee Moran.

The fascinating part about Matt is that he was born a female. That is not a typo, Matt officially came out about being a transgender three months before he/she broke the world record. But make no mistake about it, the Kroc is a real man. He worked as the Presidential Security for President Clinton, as a man.

Matt has some innovative nutrition ideas and his diet uses two different diets. One diet is for workout days and the other diet is for resting days. The training days have more carbs to maximize growth with very little fat and plenty lean protein.

Matt's justification for this mix has to do with timing, taking advantage of the insulin releases when eating carbohydrates forcing the carbs into the muscle cells and not the body fat cells. The timing is simple because it would be eating carbs first thing when your day starts and then post training.

In fact, standing 5'9' tall and doing 25 reps of biceps using 150lb dumbbells puts the Kroc as one of the strongest strength athletes on the planet. Matt explains how he achieved the core strength required to deadlift over 800 pounds. He tells his readers that the program listed below will put on 20 to 40 pounds of muscle in sixteen weeks.

Matt stresses the importance of finding your correct 1RM, selecting a 1RM that is too heavy will result in overtraining. But selecting a weight that you can do in your sleep is also not going to get results either. He says that using good form when selecting your 1RM is vitally important.

Just as important when deadlifting is recovery, Matt says the deadlift program below will only work if you deadlift once a week. He explains that because the deadlift puts so much stress on the lower back, you should only deadlift 3-4 days after you have squatted.

You will also notice in the workout below that you stop deadlifting every fourth week. You stop for a whole week not dead-lifting. Matt says on the week off deadlifting, you should concentrate on strengthening the lower back doing different exercises; like good mornings, reverse hypers, weighted back raises and pull-throughs, always keeping your reps in a set to a 10-20 range. The workout below excludes warmup.

The Deadlift Plan:

Week 1: 5 X 5 reps using 70% 1RM

Week 2: 5 X 3 reps using 75% 1RM

Week 3: 5 X 1 reps using 80% 1RM

Week 4: No deadlifting; good-mornings, reverse hypers, weighted back-raises or pull-throughs on each set.

Week 5: 5 X 5 reps using 75% 1RM

Week 6: 5 X 3 reps using 80% 1RM

Week 7: 5 X 1 reps using 85% 1RM

Week 8: No deadlifting, do accessory movements.

Week 9: 4 X 5 reps using 80% 1RM

Week 10: 4 X 3 reps using 85% 1RM

Week 11: 4 X 1 reps using 90% 1RM

Week 12: No deadlifting, do accessory movements.

Week 13: 3 X 5 reps using 85% 1RM

Week 14: 3 X 3 reps using 90% 1RM

Week 15: 3 X 1 reps using 95% 1RM

Week 16: No deadlifting, no hyperextensions.

Week 17: Retest your max.

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