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Mark Bell Powerlifter

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Mark Bell still holds the highest total scored in California. Mark was born on the 10th December 1976 in Poughkeepsie, New York and continues to make an enormous contribution to the sport of powerlifting. Mark owns and edits Power Magazine but he is also the owner of a top powerlifting gym called "The Strongest Gym In The West," which is in Sacramento, CA.

Mark entered his first powerlifting competition when he was 13 years old. It was only a matter of time before Mark broke the world record, which he did when he totaled 2,628lbs consisting of a 1080lb squat, 854lb bench-press and a 766lb deadlift.

Besides coaching 20 of America's top powerlifters, Mark is a certified coach for Crossfit which he is also involved with on a regular basis. Mark invented a bench-press support device which he called the Sling Shot. He describes it as an upper body support device that avoids shoulder and elbow pain.

Mark's passion is coaching and he tells the athletes he coaches that "If you are not getting any better, then you're going to be getting worse". He said that he tells his students to never get caught standing still, to always remember that your strength is one of the key elements of life. When you run out of strength, you die!

Mark believes in core strength, if you think of him entering his first powerlifting competition when he was 13 years old, it gives you an idea how he feels about developing core strength. Although Mark does not believe in training singles as much as many other powerlifters, he concentrates on teaching explosion technique.

Knowing how to move a weight quickly is key to lifting a heavy weight. Mark says that the way the movements starts is the way you are going to finish, and however important technique is, the explosive power you put into any movement will dictate the amount of weight you can lift.

With CrossFit Mark leant a lot about endurance and constantly pushing the envelope to get more out of yourself in every workout. His knowledge on nutrition and training have been passed on to thousands of subscribers to his Power Magazine.

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