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Lee Moran 1000 lb Squat

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If you have been living under a rock somewhere and did not see the 1000lb squat record being broken, then you need to know the details. It all happened at the 1984 Senior National Powerlifting Championships which were held in Dayton, Ohio USA. It was a squatting duel between Lee Moran and Dave Waddington, who had already squatted over 1000lbs at a meet in 1981 but none of the judges were qualified to verify a world record.

Lee and Dave both wanted the Sultan of Squat title just as badly. Dave Waddington opened the meet with a huge 942 pounds but missed it on his depth. It was when he missed his depth a second time squatting 953lbs that Lee Moran got a chance, which he took with both hands.

Moran backed out of the racks with the same weight Waddington had finished with, 953 pounds. The weight on his shoulders started moving as his body started buckling and then hit the floor but before it got there a plate bounced off the barbell and on its way down hit Lee in the head, ripping skin off his bald head.

Undaunted, or outright deranged, Lee Moran stepped onstage again for a second attempt, with the crowd going crazy. Shaking and buckling Lee lifted 953 again with the crowd roaring encouragement, he completed the lift successfully and added more weight. He was aiming to write his name in the powerlifting history books and nothing was going to stop him.

He loaded the bar with 1003lbs and on his first attempt one of the collars broke because the weight was too much and the plates slipped off the one side. The spotters scattered as the weighted side went down, plates flying everywhere. Lee just stood there and waited for the barbell to be re-packed.

It was not Lee's fault, so he lifted his fist and screamed at the 4000 strong crowd, who were baying for blood and screaming to see a new world record. With the bar re-packed to 1003lbs Lee waited for the clap, with his nose bleeding he racked the weight and ran forward on stage pumping his hand in the air. A new Sultan of Squat had been born, Lee Moran became the first man to officially squat with a weight over 1000lbs.

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