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Larry Pacifico Powerlifter

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Larry Pacifico was born on January 17, 1946 and despite his diminutive size went on to become a powerlifting legend who won the IPF World Powerlifting Championships 9 times in a row and earned the nickname Mr. Powerlifting. During his successful powerlifting career Larry won 102 competitions setting a total of 54 World Records.

Included in his list of achievements in powerlifting Larry won the IPF powerlifting championships 4 times between 1971 and 1979 when he also won the World's Strongest Man. For a man who was only 5'6" tall weighing in at around 190 pounds he was a little powerhouse proving that dynamite does come in small packages.

Today almost 80 years after he was born his statistics are still impressive with a squat of 885 pounds and bench-press of 611 pounds and his last best lift in the deadlift being 815 pounds. This gave him a total of 2 311 pounds which for any powerlifter under 200 pounds is something that has never been done before or since.

But Larry was able to compete in a number of different movements and competed very successfully with a push-press of 440 pounds and a standing press of 315 pounds. He also competed with a snatch of 270 pounds and a clean and jerk of 320 pounds, which he did in 1968.

For over ten years Larry was considered the best powerlifter in the powerlifting world when his pound for pound strength ability was taken into consideration. The famous powerlifter and strongman Bill Kazmaier who has won the coveted IPF title twice said "Larry is a god in the powerlifting world and always will be". Larry is also published in more than one power-lifting magazine to say that powerlifting events are too long and boring.

He openly requested that the sport of powerlifting should be changed so that more fans and more funds can be added to the sport by changing the format in which powerlifting meets were conducted. But he was never successful at this because his suggestion that the squat should be removed from powerlifting meets was met with shock and aghast by the powerlifting purists.

Larry was welcomed as a member of the York barbell hall of fame in 1998 after he had retired from competing as a powerlifter in 1985. He set up his own gym in Dayton Ohio where he does personal training and general powerlifting training for people who are interested in getting stronger.

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