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Kirk Karwoski Training and Diet

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In the powerlifting world "Captain Kirk" Karwoski is truly a legend. Considered by many to be the best 125kg champion that has ever lived. When Captain Kirk ruled, the powerlifting world saw him break the squat record by over 100lbs. He was committed to every lift he made and will always be remembered as one of the greatest powerlifters.

Kirk made his debut in powerlifting in Laughlin, Nevada at the AAU World Championships. He stepped on the block with nothing but a belt, looking mean and ripped at 240kg he maxed out his squat at 826lbs and got to a 771lb deadlift and a 479lb bench-press.

He took the powerlifting world by storm and was a great leader with many followers. When Kirk started powerlifting the world record for the squat, for the 125kg class was 903lbs, with focus and sheer determination Kirk was the first man in his weight category to squat with over 1000lbs on his back.

There are very few powerlifters that squat when they start any workout, but Kirk has been powerlifting since he was 16 and still today starts his workouts with what any professional powerlifter would consider heavy weights. Besides squatting on every workout Kirk’s training is similar to other top class powerlifters.

His first squat workout, before he gets into the workouts targeted muscle group, starts with box squats using different heights. Kirk explains that he always used to do ATG Oly squats but he has now changed to box squats because it protects his knees, plus light knee wraps.

He would max out for doing singles for 2 or 3 reps, plus bands that will hold and extra 120 kg at the top of the squat. He then reducers the weight and does a set of 7-10 reps. Kirk would change his start on squats to light, medium and heavy days. His medium squat being a heavy free squat of 4-6 reps. His light day would be 8 to 12 reps.

Kirk says he has tried to gain weight all his life because his body does not hold fat. Any gain in his lean body mass always results in lifting or pulling a heavier weight. Standing 6'3" tall Kirk has is a typical ectomorph, who has a lightning fast metabolism that can process anything.

He explains that he gains about 10 pounds of fat in the off-season but says that he gets best results from lifting with a lower body-fat. He eats high protein foods every four hours and increases his carbs as he gets closer to a competition. He says his diet is very strict and always on his mind.

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