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Jon Cole Powerlifter

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Jon Frederic Cole was born in Chicago, Illinois on April 1 1943 and grew up in Arizona where he started training with weights as a 97 pound weakling who had the genes of a natural athlete. Today Jon has achieved legendary status in powerlifting and widely considered as the all-time greatest powerlifter to ever compete.

After Jon started competing he began to set world records in both the squat and the deadlift as well as his Total weight lifted. He won the AAU in the USA National Powerlifting Championships many times and was also a record holder in many Olympic lifts including discus throwing as well as shot-put.

Jon Cole broke many records while he competed and was the first man in history to lift a total of 2200 pounds in one meet. He broke other records as well being the first man to ever squat over 900 pounds. A year after this was done he achieved a total of 2300 pounds at a competition.

Jon Cole qualified for the 1968 Olympic team because of his ability as a discus thrower but he also competed in shot put. Standing at 510, and weighing around 283 pounds Jon could launch a discus to fly over 222 feet. He was a natural strength athlete that could bench 580 and squat 903 with a dead-lift of over 882 pounds.

He has advertised a challenge to the general population saying that he would bet anyone $10,000 that he would beat them at arm wrestling which is a bet that he never lost. Jon was a natural and could do a hundred-yard dash in only 9.9 seconds while he could throw a baseball over 400 feet.

Jon trained as a weightlifter for years and could clean and jerk 468 pounds and snatch 385. His natural strength that he was born with quickly became his trademark in setting records, some of which still stand today. Jon Cole died on January 10 2013 of lung failure at the age of 71.

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