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Gene Bell Powerlifter

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gene bell powerlifter

If you are a powerlifter, then you will have heard about or seen Gene Bell somewhere because he has won everything. We simply cannot include all the titles and competitions Gene has won so we will be brief. He has won the IPF Open World Championships 6 times, he won the USAPL American record for squat and many other titles.

When Gene turned 40 he was not stopping and went on to win the IPF World Masters Championship. Gene is the current USPF record holder in the 82.5kg open class, for the squat and his total score. Besides all his many trophies Gene Bell is known in the powerlifting world for his passion.

Gene has been the chairman of the USAPL association in North Dakota for many years. But his passion is not only demonstrated in the way that he pays back in time and effort but his son Gene Bell Junior also competes. He started when he was 12 years old and is now also breaking records.

Although Gene Snr still trains hard and heavy, he wants to compete again at the next the IPF World Masters Championship and is still working for the Air Force where he is a Major and is very involved in the health and fitness of the troops under him.

In his own words Gene admits that all he wants to do now is rest up with his wife. He obviously gets a lot of pleasure in watching his son doing so well on the powerlifting circuit, but still gets to the gym at least three times a week. He explains that his training is similar to what his son does using singles.

Although he only squats once a week the program that he follows, which is listed below uses a typical powerlifting routine using descending reps while increasing weight. This is a peaking program that Gene says has always worked for him because it allows his body time to heal.

  Week    sets / %age of 1RM / reps  
    1        4  52.5 %        6
             1  60 %          4
    2        1  52.5 %        8
             4  60 %          4
    3        1  60 %          8
             1  65 %          4
    4        4  70 %          6
    5        2  75 %          4
    6        4  80 %          4
    7        2  85.8 %        2
    8        3  90.8 %        3
    9        2  92.5 %        3
    10       2  96.7 %        3
    11       1  86.7 %        1
    12       1  106.7 %       1

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