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Gary Frank Powerlifting

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Garry Frank Powerlifter

Gary Frank is a powerful man who is now officially recognized as the strongest powerlifter in the world. With a total weight lifted between three movements 2800 pounds it's going to take quite something to beat that. Gary is brute strength personified.

Gary was squatting and deadlifting over 700 pounds in high school and benching well over 350lbs. Gary was born strong and he just got stronger, the harder he trained the stronger he got. Gary explains that every powerlifter will have something different to say about technique.

He explains that the reason why nobody can squat over 1000 pounds or bench-press more than 800lbs is because of technique. He says that mechanically speaking perfect form is limited if you don't put everything into speed of the movement and the acceleration used to push that speed up.

He says he's proud of his training technique, it's been drilled into him a million times, he now focuses only on speed and acceleration when training. He says that workouts can be structured to increase the explosive speed that you use to break out of a movement.

Gary explains his deadlift technique is to always a drop his backside and pull-back and he never trains with singles and 1RM max. He says that if his hips are down correctly and his shoulders are back "coming out the hole" to move the weight needs and snap and a jerk to get you going.

He explains that the speed at which you can snap into a deadlift movement is something that one can develop with practice. In his own words he describes powerlifters fit into two categories. The 90%ers and the 10%ers. Gary says the 90%'ers are those conservative powerlifters that are looking for a sure thing.

He says it is these kind of lifters that will put far too much emphasis trying to compete and not enough emphasis on winning the competition. Gary explains that preparing for a meet mentally is a process that he has developed over time. His goal now is to reach a total of 2900lbs at his next meet.

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