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Female Powerlifting

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Has female powerlifting gained in popularity?

Female powerlifting continues to grow every day as more and more ladies discover the incredible benefits they get from powerlifting. In fact there is a 13-year-old eighth-grader in Colorado who happens to be a powerlifting world-record holder.

Abbey Watson started training with her father at 11 years old and currently holds 8 world records for female powerlifting at the tender age of 13. This is obviously the exception to the rule and is very rarely seen that someone so young can lift such a heavy weight.

However just like training with any weight it takes the correct and strict use of form and technique. This is vitally important if you want to avoid injury and get the results of building muscle and strength. But more importantly is that you get judged on your form when competing in a powerlifting event.

The average women cannot even do one pull-up on a chinning bar which is something that can be quickly changed when training starts. Just like any and all training with weights there are results from progressive resistance that are predictable and well controlled and documented.

Probably the main reason why the sport of womenís powerlifting is growing so fast is that women see the benefit they get from the increase in strength that they get. The benefits range from an increased metabolism resulting in fat-loss and muscle growth but also the mental health benefits.

Powerlifting is an Olympic sport as old as the Olympics themselves and is strictly governed by rules where judges are looking for a very specific minimum requirement for it to be recognized as a correct lift. The powerlifting event consists of three basic movementís deadlift, bench-press and squat.

All three of these movements are complex compound movements that you a wide range of muscles, joints and connectives tissues in your body. The result is that you will not only gain a little muscle as a female bodybuilder but you will feel healthy and strong and certainly live a lot longer.

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