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Doug Young Bench Press Workout

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Richard Douglas Young was born in Texas on August 21, 1944, he died at 61 years old in October 7, 2005. Doug started off winning American national championships. Doug was rough on his genetically strong body and he landed up breaking three ribs competing in the powerlifting meet in 1977 where he won the IPF world championships.

That was only his 545 bench-press so he still had a way to go. Doug was born strong, his rise in the powerlifting game was fast. He quickly became the only man under 300 pounds that was able to bench-press more than 600 pounds.

The late Doug Young was from Texas and that is exactly what he was like in person. Although he only stood 5'11" tall he would probably be wearing his faded Wrangler's and cowboy boots but it was his huge 54-inch chest and his 22-inch neck with a narrow waist that turned him into the huge Texan that he was.

A former powerlifting champion called Terry Todd once described Doug saying: "Some men are broad, some are thick, but very few are both. Big Doug is one of the few." But Doug was not afraid of hard work and the 43 sets workout listed below is what he would do three times a week.

Doug was strong everywhere and would deadlift and squat weights that have beaten legends like Jon Cole amongst others. Doug made his mark on the powerlifting world in 1973 when he competed at an IPF system in January weighing 178lbs he pressed 305lbs.

Eight months later on October 1st the same year Doug weighed 260lbs and had worked up his bench-press to max out at 540lbs. That is a 235-pound increase in only eight months. Doug says he got these rewards by eating like a pig and training the routine listed below.

Bench-press: After warm-up has been done 10 X 1 doing singles only.
Front Delt Raises: 3 X 15 reps
Triceps Press: 6 X 6 reps
Stiff-Arm Pull-downs/Lat Machine: 6 X 6 reps
Cables Flys: 6 X 6 reps
D/B Concentration Curls: 6 X 6 reps
D/B Rowing: 6 X 6

It should be noted that although Doug was tough on his body he would squat 5 to 7 singles every 10th day and he would deadlift only every 15th day, where he would also do 5 to 7 sets of singles.

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