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Don Reinhoudt Powerlifter Training

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Donald C. Reinhoudt was born in Chautauqua County New York USA on March 5, 1945 and went on to win the IPF World Powerlifting Superheavyweight Championships four times in a row from 1972 to 1976. Don went on to break 40 world powerlifting records and was nominated into the International Powerlifting Federation Hall of Fame in 1980 and the World Powerlifting Hall of Fame in 1998.

One of the many records that Don broke was the 2400 pound Total first seen at any powerlifting meet. It should be noted that these records were set raw if we compare them to today’s standards. His record for the biggest raw squat still stands today at 934 pounds which has never been beaten.

Don started training with weights when he was at Fredonia High School where he also was all-league basketball player as well as a New York football player and an All-Western shot putter. He was a natural athlete before he went to Parsons College in Iowa where he played football and was part of the university track team.

At his first powerlifting competition which was the first ever AAU World Powerlifting Championships held in 1972 he placed third. But Don was only just starting as he then went on to win the World Powerlifting Championships four times in a row, during which time he also the only super heavyweight to break the record for all three lifts.

Don Reinhoudt was the first man to ever break the 2,400 pound barrier which he did in 1975 with a total of 2,420 lbs. This record still stands today as the highest powerlifting weight lifted without any supportive equipment which today are called raw lifts.

After he won the IPF World Championships in 1976 Don Reinhoudt retired and started concentrating on competing for the World's Strongest Man shows. Don placed second in 1978 and won in 1979 by beating the young Bill Kazmaier. In 1980 he had to withdraw from the World's Strongest Man competition when he tore his biceps and his left hamstring.

His training was intense as he would train on a double split routine where he would do both 8 X 3 and 5 X 5 splitting his workouts by doing Squats, Deadlift and Front Squats on the first training session of the week and then train his upper body the next day doing Bench Press, Incline Bench Press, Overhead Press and Power Cleans.

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