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Combining Powerlifting and Bodybuilding

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How to Combine Powerlifting and Bodybuilding

If you want to gain strength and muscle then powerlifting and bodybuilding should be combined to get the best of both worlds. Whether your ultimate objective is to compete or not is probably dependent on your genetic makeup but that does not mean you cannot train to get the best of both.

As a bodybuilder you will be limited to the usual seasonal training variations to ensure continuous muscle growth. As a bodybuilder you will understand the importance of adhering to the inherent demands for higher volume during your weekly training.

Bodybuilding (muscle gain) will also demand isolated movements so that you can achieve the muscle separation needed to show the various muscle groups in your body. This means short rests between the sets you do to keep the muscle growth happening.

You know that whatever effort you put into your training will be completely wasted if you do not adhere to strict diet restrictions. It is required that you identify your metabolism speed along with your genetic ability to gain muscle on a regular basis.

The advantage of combining powerlifting with bodybuilding is that these dietary demands will not change because you are combining these two disciplines. Powerlifting can be effectively combined with bodybuilding without making any adjustment to the nutritional demands that you place on your body.

Although powerlifting will require a completely different plan to your bodybuilding/muscle gain plan they can still be effectively combined. Unlike bodybuilding, powerlifting will demand little or no isolated movements and no short rests between sets.

The plan of attack for powerlifting will demand that you increase the rest time between sets to 5 or even 7 minutes in order for the oxygen to return to normal completely after a heavy set taken to complete failure. Fat loss is no longer the objective as you are no longer looking for muscle separation but pure strength.

Powerlifting requires hard intense and heavy training with maximum weight using the big four compound lifts including military press either with D/B or barbells depending on your preference. It is a good idea to adjust your diet slightly when going onto the powerlifting phase of this combo.

The reason why you do not want to have your body-fat too low when powerlifting is simply because of the rest and recuperation needed to fully recover from these heavy powerlifting workouts. It is strongly suggested that you plan your powerlifting training along with your bodybuilding training so that you take a break from the one so that you can concentrate on the other.

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