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Chuck Vogelpohl Deadlift Training

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chuck vogelpohl deadlift training

Chuck Vogelpohl is no ordinary powerlifter and people who meet him describe it as an awesome experience meeting "The Beast". Chuck has been competing competitively in powerlifting for over 2 decades and is probably the only powerlifter who is able to squat with 1,175lbs and deadlift 850lbs.

Still competing at the age of 45 years Chuck recently was able to squat 1260 lbs using a reverse band squat. He has a very specific method of training which he says he has used for years to increase his strength. He always does a lot of reps in a warmup using a number of Olympic movements.

Chuck explains that the only way to get stronger is to start your workout with your big lifts. Hitting the important movements like deadlifts and squats hard and heavy when you are still fresh is key to building strength in the long-term. He would then train his supplementary movements in a circuit.

Chuck explains his deadlift training just as he would describe the training of any of the three movements measured in a powerlifting competition. Below is his point form instruction to both advanced lifters and lifters who are just starting out. In his own words there is only one way to get stronger and thatís to increase the weight you lift.

1) warm-up with any variety of different movements doing what Chuck calls soft tissue work. He would use light weights to get the blood going into the joints and the connective tissue. After that he would also do abs and some calisthenics.

2) Hit your heavy movements first; he adds that you should also add in a few sets of pull-ups and/or ring push-ups or do abs between your heavy sets.

3) Perform all the supplemental work that you do in a circuit fashion but making sure that you go HEAVY.

4) Finish your workout with any type of sprints. Chuck explains that he goes into the parking lot where his gym is located and sprints from one end to the other. He explains that these acceleration drills can be improved upon with a "prowler" or training partner holding some heavy band tied around his body pulling him backwards increases the resistance added.

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