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Chuck Hudson Powerlifter

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Chuck Hudson was born in Georgia USA in 1978 and was becoming a good football player in college, but broke his shoulder. Chuck says he has always trained with weights, pushing his body to its limits was always something he did since he was an early teens.

On 11th November 2013 Chuck Hudson broke the record for bench-press with a 727lb bench-press at the International Powerlifting World Championship in the 308-pound weight class, Open Division, which was held in Las Vegas. Chuck is used to the desert so he felt at home in Las Vegas because he lives in Phoenix Arizona.

Chuck says that he has always had problems with a lockout and has been seen pressing well over 830lbs at his gym in Peoria, AZ. He has pressed 810lbs to an inch before lock-out at a meet earlier in the year. Chuck explains that although benching raw improves his vested press, he also uses two and three ply bench when he trains.

Chuck trains on single ply, doing progressions for 7 to 8 weeks before a meet, which he plans on the percentages of his 1RM. Before then, he would always focus on his top end and his speed work, sometimes overloading with his multi ply to go heavy.

Eight weeks before a meet, he would do doubles and triples using 80% of his 1RM, and then move onto 3 sets working at about 82%.1RM. But Chuck plans his cycles and would then start a two-week de-load cycle. This works out to 6 full weeks where Chuck would be wearing his bench-shirt.

The first two weeks are triples, then the third week he would do two sets of triples and then switch to doubles while increasing percentages of max. He would start working down to singles and then for a week before the meet he would do singles using 97% of his 1RM to get an opener.

Chuck explains it is all part of his 826lb bench-press plan when he or someone else breaks through that level, it's just a matter of time. He says that without a plan you will go no-where and Chuck is a planner. He works for the IT Hospice in the Valley of Phoenix, AZ.

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