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Best Powerlifting Exercises

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What Are The Best Powerlifting Assistance Exercises

If you want to train like a powerlifter then doing just the big three are not going to get you stronger as fast as developing strength in other movements. No matter how long you have been doing squats, deadlift and bench-press you should still make sure you are doing perfect form so it is highly recommended that you get someone who really knows what they are doing to take a look at your form.

The body is a complex set of interactive muscles that support and stabilize each other when doing any lift. There are a number of good movements that will increase your core strength and improve your technique when lifting the big three powerlifting lifts. Just like any exercise you do it needs to be perfect as any deviation from what is considered correct form will only lead to injury.

Starting with your upper body, it is movements like military press done with dumbbells or barbells that will increase your bench-press as they work directly on all three deltoids and your triceps. Military press can be done standing or seated but if you do this movement standing always make sure your knees are bent, your abs are tight and your glutes are flexed when you do the standing movement.

Chins, pull-ups and lat pull-downs will increase your strength in your lats and biceps that act as stabilizers when doing bench-press and are directly involved in the deadlift. Training bands help a lot as the resistance increases the farther your hands get from your body.

Bent-over rowing will increase your lumber and your core strength working directly on upper-middle back and lats that will make a big difference to the strength of your deadlift. Barbell or D/B curls will also increase your core strength and increase your bicep strength for deadlift at the same time.

Movements like the Farmers walk will also increase your core strength and grip strength to help your deadlift and squat lifts. The famers walk does everything just like squats increasing core strength, cardiovascular capacity and the strength of your grip if you are not using wrist bands.

For lower body movements like lunges with barbell or D/B as well as other leg movements like leg press, leg curls and leg extensions will all improve your supporting muscle groups in your legs and help improve your deadlifts and squats.

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