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Becoming a Power Lifter

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How to Become a Powerlifter

Most of the time when you hit the gym, you tend to mechanically blast through the normal sets and repetitions, without thinking why youíre doing it. If youíre pulling, pressing and dominating the dumbbells and barbells on a regular basis you should really be serious about it. The first step to becoming a better power lifter is to become more purposeful. Therefore being more mindful and ready to absorb information on powerlifting. In the game of strength, oneís goals and achievements are measured through weight.

The process of powerlifting

Mainly three exercises are involved in improving strength for powerlifting. Deadlifts, bench presses and squats are three types of exercise. Mostly during powerlifting competitions, one has three attempts at lift each weight. The maximum weight lifted in each bracket is added up in order to get to a total. The winner is the person who has the highest total. The essence of powerlifting is not about getting stronger and winning different contests; it is about testing yourself to the extreme and having fun while doing it. In order to become a strong power lifter, you must keep a close watch on the diet, the training program, and the attitude which you hold towards the sport.

Become a better weightlifter - Ways of improving strength for powerlifting:

Strength training: The first thing, which beginner power lifters do, is go straight for the jugular. They start by trying to chase records, instead of taking it slow and gradually increasing the strength. Its common sense that as beginners you will not be competing with the best lifters, you will be competing with yourself. Rather than looking upon it as a task, you should take powerlifting as a way to relax yourself and have fun.A more relaxed body, leads to a more successful lift.

Routine: Having a tried and tested powerlifting routine is very important. General strength building and bodybuilding training is completely different form the powerlifting training. Hence, itís imperative to opt for a training method that improves your powerlifting capabilities. According to experts, the ideal training for a power lifter is the Westside Barbell Training method. This training method involves four days of training per week. Two days for the upper body and two days for the lower body should be allotted. The lower and the upper body sessions are further subdivided into intense upper body sessions and intense lower body sessions. This method helps you to concentrate on force production and technique.

Focus on the basic three lifts: Deadlifts, squats and bench presses should be the basis of your training routine. You can do deadlifts Monday, heavy squats on Tuesday and bench press on Thursday. Slowly but surely, try to increase the weights.

The great thing about powerlifting is that you can achieve goals, which you always thought were out of your reach. All you need is the right mind-set and training program to become a power lifter or improve on your current achievements. With this information, you can truly become a strong power lifter.

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