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Powerlifting The Arnold Schwarzenegger Way

By Supplement Source Canada

Here's a little tip: powerlifting isn't about getting bulky and big, it's about getting strong. Many guys focus on how big and bulky they are and they forget about the real reason they lift: to be able to lift a lot of weight, which means strong. Bulk and strength are not the same thing. It's possible to be so bulky that the body can't move well. Bulky muscles are not necessarily strong muscles, either. Many bulky muscles are just pumped up bloated useless tissue.

In order to build true strength rather than just bulk, focus on the basic exercises. Fancy machines aren't needed, nor are dozens of complicated exercises that are supposed to work each individual muscle in isolation. Big heavy compound lifts are the route to strength. The heavy compound lifts work the entire body and strengthen the underlying skeletal structure in addition to working the muscles. Skip the fancy stuff- all you need are barbells, dumbbells and a pull-up bar to build true strength. Focus on building the basic underlying "slabs of muscle" through doing the basics:

Rowing with dumbbells
Power cleans and high pulls
Bench presses
Dead lifts

Working the big muscles will also work all of the small muscles- doing focused exercises for each muscle is a waste of workout time. Instead of spending time doing individual neck, back, calf, abs, biceps exercises focus your time on doing the basics. The basic exercises work all of the muscles much harder than any isolation exercise can. And working all of the muscles will naturally build bulk. Bulk based on honest, strong muscle, not pumped-up bloated tissue.

Next, focus on your lifting form. Getting "psyched up" to lift is a waste of energy. Lifting should be a calm, unemotional zen-like process. Many weightlifters today think it's necessary to take stimulants and work themselves up into a lather before lifting but nothing could be further from the truth. Working yourself up into a lather is a waste of energy. If you're really focusing on building strength you'll need all of your energy to just lift the weights. You need to be working hard enough to be puffing and panting just from lifting. The weights need to be big. No sissy toning weights if you want to develop into a true slab of powerful muscle.

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