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Andy Bolton Squat Training

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Andy Bolton is a talented powerlifter who is the first man in history to deadlift 1000 pounds, with a squat of 1,214 Andy has won many international titles. Andy offers free advice in his newsletter to all aspiring powerlifters and has a passion for the sport and has already left a permanent mark on powerlifting.

His squat training is very specific and needs your 1RM in order to calculate your specific requirements to follow his 12 week lifting program. The program is spilt into two 6 week cycles and is based on your specific objective of the weight you want to squat in 4 weeks, 6, 8 and 12 weeks.

His squat and bench-press sets, reps and weight in these two 6 week cycles make a few bold statements. He openly prescribes to increase the weight lifted on squat to be 40 to 50 pound increase on every workout for advanced powerlifters and 20-30 pounds for intermediate.

His cycle instructs beginners to increase 10 to 20 pounds on every workout done which for any aspiring bodybuilder sounds crazy. But Andy is a highly qualified and dedicated strength trainer that tells us all about the importance of recovery from his heavy workouts.

His workouts prescribe 3 reps for the compound movements and 12 reps for other compound movements like pull-ups and bent-over rows. The secret seems to be in the planning because if you can be very specific on how you want to increase the weight that you currently lift and when you want to achieve develops a plan of attack.

Good advice for any bodybuilder who wants to increase strength, it goes a long way to have a very specific plan when you train. If this is combined with journal entries and keeping track of your workouts you will soon see exactly what works and what does not work for you.

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