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Andy Bolton Deadlift Workout

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Andy Bolton was the first man to ever break the 1000lb deadlift. With a total score of 2977lIbs at the WPO (World Powerlifting Organization). His total included a 1214lb squat and a 755lb bench-press. Andy finished these incredible feats with an amazing 1008lbs deadlift, becoming the first man in history to deadlift over a ton.

Andrew Bolton was born in Leeds, England on 22nd January 1970 and entered his first powerlifting competition at 21 years old when he entered the BAWLA Yorkshire Junior Championships held in 1991. But since then Andy has broken many records and has since become a well-respected powerlifting coach.

Andy says that the rather simple technique of deadlifting needs to be drilled into your head so that you can concentrate on the weight you are lifting and not the technique you’re using to lift the weight. He says your form/technique needs to be second nature, something you do without thinking.

He then explains that working out your true 1RM (maximum weight lifted for one rep) is vitally important because it will dictate how successful any training cycle will work out. Andy explains his 3 month cycle he used to break through the 1008lbs deadlift record.

Andy says that 16 to 11 weeks before the competition he did block pulls, which is deadlifting with the deadlift weight sitting on 8 inch blocks, so that he starts the movement with his hands just below his knees. He also added speed deadlifts which he would do 2 or 3 sets of triples using 50% of his 1RM, without the blocks.

After doing this kind of training, deadlifting once a week, Andy followed this for 6 weeks. 10 weeks before the powerlifting meet Andy would slowly increase his deadlift weight using 5 reps, working from his 50% 1RM max upwards. Andy started his 10th week before the meet training 5 reps using 485lbs or 60% of his 5RM.

Andy would do 5 -10 sets of 5 reps, always increasing the weight he deadlifted. On some weeks he would take large jumps in increasing the weight but on other weeks he would do more sets and reduce the weight that he increased. Andy explains that varying one’s training volume is vitally important for any long-term strength gain, he would then rest completely for a week prior to the meet.

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